What’s the Best Time of Year for Night Kayaking?

Clear kayaks with lights at night on Lake Macquarie

Picture this — it’s night time, and you’re gliding across the glassy waters of Lake Macquarie in a kayak lit up like the stage of a Broadway show. 

Welcome to Showtime Kayaking, where we run small group, night kayak tours in clear kayaks with lights below. 

But, just like you wouldn’t want to miss the opening act of a play, timing is everything when it comes to catching this spectacle. So, when’s the best time of year to join the audience?

The Summer Spectacular

  • Warm Nights: Ideal for those who prefer their outdoor experiences without a side of goosebumps.
  • Starry Skies: Clear summer nights offer a stellar performance overhead, adding to the magic of the LED lights below.
  • Higher Winds: The downside to summer tours are the stronger winds that blow across the Lake. 

However, be warned, just like a sold-out show, summer nights can get crowded. Book early to secure your spot!

The Autumn Interlude

  • Stunning Sunsets: Autumn brings the curtain down on daylight with some of the most spectacular sunsets of the year, setting the stage for your night-time adventure.
  • Cooler Evenings: Perfect for those who like to paddle without breaking too much of a sweat. Plus, the water temperature is still typically warm off the back of summer.

Autumn performances offer a mix of the warmth of summer and the crisp air of winter, a true interlude that sets the scene for tranquillity on the water.

Winter’s Unexpected Charm

  • Crisp Air & Clear Nights: The air is fresher, the sky clearer, and the stars brighter. Lake Macquarie ups its game for the winter audience.
  • Fewer Crowds: Like an exclusive showing, winter offers a more intimate experience on the Lake.
  • Low Winds: On most evenings during winter, the wind drops with the sun, making for perfect conditions for night kayaking.

Dressing warmly in winter is a must. Layer up underneath a spray jacket.

Why Spring Steals the Show

  • Milder Weather: The air is warm, but not too hot; the water is cool, but not chilly. It’s like the Goldilocks season for kayaking.
  • Nature’s Backdrop: Flowers blooming, trees budding – spring in Lake Macquarie is like watching nature’s own theatre come to life.
  • New Animal Life: With Spring comes new life, both in the water and around the Lake’s edge.

The Best Times to Paddle Out

So, when should you book your tickets to this aquatic theatre? Here are a few pointers to guide your decision:

  • Look at the Sky Schedule: Aim for nights when the moon is just a sliver, or better yet, completely offstage. The darker the night, the more vivid the LED lights beneath your kayak.
  • Check the Weather: A clear, calm night is ideal for the best visibility both above and below the water.
  • Seasonal Festivals: Sometimes, nature puts on a special performance. For example, when the prawns are running. Timing your visit with these natural phenomena can elevate the experience.

What to Bring

  • Dress for the weather, in layers, with a spray jacket over the top.
  • Wear diver booties or old sneakers that can get wet.
  • A change of clothes and towel (in case you get wet). Nobody likes a drive home in wet clothes!
  • You’ll also want a water bottle and camera.
  • A dry bag is provided for your belongings.

Final Bow

Every season on Lake Macquarie has its own unique charm and reasons to step into a kayak and paddle under the stars with marine life below. 

Like choosing a seat at the theatre, the best time for you depends on what you’re looking for in the performance. Whether you crave the warmth and bustle of the summer spectacular, the crisp clarity of winter’s charm, the fresh beginnings of spring, or the reflective interlude of autumn, Showtime Kayaking promises an unforgettable night on the water.

Are you ready to take your seat, grab your paddle, and let the show begin? Curtain up!

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