Showtime Kayaking is committed to stewarding the marine ecosystems that grace our aquatic theatre. To do so, our environmentally-sustainable practises include:

All carbon emissions generated by Showtime Kayaking are offset via Carbon Neutral.

Showtime Kayaking financially supports marine conservation via Australian Marine Conservation Society.

Guests are educated on environmental themes related to the aquatic stages we tour.

Guides remove rubbish from the waterways while on tours.

Showtime Kayaking adheres to the principles of Ecotourism Australia to limit environmental impact.

Showtime Kayaking limits tour group numbers when entering fragile waterways.

Guides report any environmental abuse of the waterways witnessed to the appropriate authorities.

Tour guides are well versed in minimising environmental impacts when conducting tours.

We believe in being responsible stewards of the beautiful waterways we showcase, which is why we take our environmentally-sustainable practices seriously. Join us on a kayaking tour and see for yourself how we’re making a positive impact on the environment, one paddle stroke at a time.