You might have noticed our playful jesting in many areas, but safety is not a script we improvise. The safety of guests and guides is the highest priority for Showtime Kayaking.

In order to maintain zero critical safety incidents… 

One complete module of our guide induction training is dedicated to safety, including checking weather forecasts, monitoring wind speeds and wave heights, familiarisation of the waterway, awareness of other water-users, administering first aid on the water, understanding navigation rules and critical incident reporting.

All our guides hold a current first aid certificate.

A comprehensive safety briefing is held prior to launching the kayaks.

You’re provided with information from our guides and on the website about correct behaviour for your own safety on the water, including access to first aid, staying in group formation and any location-specific dangers.

You’re required to undertake a self-assessment of your health and confirm that you’re not impaired by alcohol and/or drugs prior to tour departure.

Wherever possible, tour routes follow the shoreline.

Guides report any safety incidents to the relevant authorities as soon as practical after occurrence.

You’re required to paddle near other guests (as a group) within voice range of your Lead Guide.

The following safety equipment is deployed on all Showtime Kayaking tours:

  • Reflective life jackets with whistles for all guests
  • Lights on kayaks
  • First aid kits with our guides

These practices will be upheld and monitored by our guides. Any off-script or unlawful behaviour will be reported to the relevant authorities quicker than you can say “scene change!”

As you can see, we’re not playing fast and loose when it comes to safety. Your wellbeing is always the star of our show.