About Us

Showtime Kayaking began with an idea – to transform night kayak tours into the most dazzling spectacle the world has ever witnessed.

To discover whether this idea had any merit we trialled the concept on friends. At the end of each trial tour our friends voted whether they ‘loved it’, or they thought it was ‘meh’ or ‘hated it’. If collectively more than 90% ‘loved it’, then we agreed that we’d launch the business.

At the end of the trial tours 100% said they ‘loved it’ which either meant they did truly love our unique version of night kayaking or you can’t trust your friends to give you honest feedback. Either way, we launched the business based on this feedback and have been paddling ever since.

Following these modest beginnings, we’ve committed to protecting Australia’s marine life through our support of the Australian Marine Conservation Society and Take3 for the Sea.

Just as Cirque du Soleil added a fresh spin to the classic circus, we’re reimagining kayak tours. With our spotlight fixed on the guest experience, you’re guaranteed a memorable night under the stars even if you’ve never kayaked before.

Why not join us on our next tour?

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