Overcoming Fears: Night Kayaking for the Brave Hearted

Kayakers standing around clear kayaks with lights at night

Kayaking at night is an enchanting experience, tailor-made for those looking to script a new adventure in their lives. 

But what if the very thought of kayaking at night sends shivers down your spine? Fear not, brave hearted! This post is your backstage pass to overcoming fears, one paddle stroke at a time.

Meet Your Foes

  • Fear of Sharks: The idea of unseen creatures lurking below.
  • Fear of Being Left Behind: Worries about keeping up with the group.
  • Fear of the New: Apprehension about stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • General Safety Fears: Including navigating in the dark.

Each fear is a character in your story, but remember, you’re the hero here! Let’s tackle them head-on.

Understanding Your Fears

First, let’s shine a spotlight on these fears. Knowledge is power:

  • Sharks are Shy: They’re not the monsters movies make them out to be, especially in the calm waters of Lake Macquarie.
  • Guides Got Your Back: You’re never alone. Our guides ensure no one is left behind, acting as your director of the night’s show. It’s a 1:6 ratio of guides to guests, and all guests are in double kayaks.
  • Embrace the New: Unique experiences are the spices of life. They make for the best stories.
  • Safety in Numbers: Kayaking at night is meticulously planned for safety, with guides trained to manage any situation. Most guests feel a sense of calm with others along for the adventure.

Gear Up with Confidence

Before the show goes on, ensure you’re dressed for the adventure:

  • Dress for Success: Waterproof gear keeps you cosy. And if you’re prone to feel the cold, then layer up.
  • Light the Way: Your kayak comes equipped with LED lights, not just for show, but for safety too.
  • Stay Connected: Whistles and lights are standard issue. Our tour routes are close to shore, so your phone will likely have coverage too.

Tips to Tackle the Trepidation

Here’s how to face the music (or rather, the water) with a brave heart:

Rehearse the Basics

  • Get Comfortable: Try kayaking during the day first to get a feel for it.
  • Learn the Moves: Familiarise yourself with basic paddling techniques. Confidence in your skills reduces fear.

Build Your Support Crew

  • Paddle in Pairs: Bring a friend along. It’s comforting and makes for shared memories.
  • Trust the Guides: Your guides are there to direct you through every scene as the tour unfolds. There’s no such thing as a dumb question, accept the one you don’t ask.

Visualise the Victory

  • Picture the Peace: Imagine gliding through glowing waters, under a canopy of stars. It’s serene, not scary.
  • Focus on the Fun: Think about the stories you’ll tell, not the fears holding you back.

Know Your Exit

  • Plan B: Familiarise yourself with the route and the safety protocols. Knowing there’s a plan in case of unexpected plot twists is reassuring.

Embrace the Adventure

When it’s showtime, remember why you signed up. It’s about more than just kayaking; it’s about pushing boundaries, overcoming fears, and discovering the magic of night kayaking.

The Moment of Truth

  • Take it Slow: There’s no rush. Paddle at your own pace and soak in the surroundings.
  • Stay in the Scene: Keep close to the group. There’s strength in numbers.
  • Savour the Story: Listen to the tales and trivia shared by your guides. Let the storytelling distract and relax you.

When Finished, Celebrate Your Courage

  • Applaud Yourself: You did it! You faced your fears and emerged victorious.
  • Share the Spotlight: Talk about your experience with others. Your story might inspire them to try their own adventure.

The Show Must Go On

Overcoming fears, especially in the context of night kayaking, is a journey. Each step, each paddle stroke, is a move towards becoming braver. Showtime Kayaking’s night-time adventure on Lake Macquarie is more than just a tour; it’s a personal challenge, a story of courage, and a unique experience that waits to be discovered.

So, brave hearted, are you ready to take the stage? Adventure awaits.

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