If you’re looking for a job that values the important things in life, Showtime Kayaking might just be the ticket. If you’re passionate about sustainability and the great outdoors, you’ll feel right at home with us.

What our team values most… 

Outdoors — our guides love working in the great outdoors, immersed in nature.

Remuneration — our guides are well compensated.

Recognition — our guides appreciate our culture of encouragement and recognition.

Performance bonuses — our guides earn ‘guest tips’ based on 5-star reviews (over and above their generous hourly rate).

Flexibility — our guides work other jobs during the day.

Sustainability — our guides appreciate the company’s commitment to steward the marine environments they showcase.

Dignity — our guides appreciate being treated with respect and feeling valued by management.

If you’re keen to be part of a workplace like this, apply to become a high-performing Showtime Guide — and deliver a world-class experience for our guests.

Not ready to apply yet? Check out some more benefits

Having a casual job at night in addition to another job can provide several benefits, such as:

  1. Additional income: A casual job can provide extra money that can be used to pay off debts, save for a vacation, give to a charity or invest for a better future.
  2. Flexibility: A casual job at night allows you to maintain your day job while earning extra income.
  3. Job experience: A casual job can provide additional work experience that can be beneficial for future job prospects.
  4. Variety: A casual job can provide a change of pace from a full-time job and can be a good way to gain experience in a different industry.
  5. Networking: A casual job allows you to meet new people and expand your professional network.
  6. Transition: If you’re considering a career change, you can test out whether you like the new career with a casual job in that industry.

It’s also important to keep in mind that having a second job can also be demanding, and it’s important to balance work and personal life. We honestly want your work with Showtime Kayaking to enhance your life, not detract from it.

Learn more about the main roles:

Lead Guide 

Assistant Guide

Pick me!

If you’re jumping up and down yelling “pick me!” because one of these roles perfectly fits you, then follow the steps below to apply.

Step 1

Watch this video of one of our Lead Guide explaining who’s most suited for the role of tour guide and what we’re looking for in an audition video.

Step 2

Record, edit and upload your audition video here.

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Step 3

Upload your resume here.

Max. file size: 128 MB.

Step 4

We’ll email you within 5 working days to let you know if you’ll be moving forward in the selection process.

Step 5

You’ll be asked to attend a coffee shop or zoom interview. The purpose of this initial chat is to get everyone on the same page in terms of expectations, pay rate and your capabilities.

Step 6

You’ll be invited on a Showtime tour followed by an informal interview post-tour with the lead guide. During this chat, our guide will take the time to really understand you and what you can bring to the team.

Step 7

We will conduct reference checks with your current and past employers.

Step 8

If successful, you’ll sign an offer of employment.

Step 9

You’ll commence induction training. Let the show begin!

Audition video (3 minutes max.)

An audition video is a great way to show us that you’re a ‘performer’. We need our guides to be friendly, humorous and upbeat, which aren’t easily demonstrated by sending us a paper-based application.

Many of our guides are street performers, stage entertainers and stand-up comedians. But don’t worry if your workplace is less exciting than a trapeze rope, you could simply be undiscovered talent!

Let your personality shine in your audition video — we want to get to know you. If you lead our kayak tours in the future, you’ll be a big part of the guest experience. And so, we want you to showcase your sparkling personality in your video.

After briefly introducing yourself, tell us a story that’s meaningful to you. Maybe about the first time you travelled overseas, or the most meaningful day of your life and what made it so. Add warmth and family-friendly humour to your story.

Here are some tips for filming your video.

  • Film landscape (horizontal), not portrait (vertical).
  • If filming inside, make sure to do so in a well-lit room with light in front of you.
  • Avoid filming in front of a window with bright sunlight streaming in behind you.
  • When filming outside, avoid doing so with the sun directly behind you. Also, avoid windy days.
  • Whether inside or outside, film during the day so we can see you clearly.
  • Speak loudly and clearly so we can hear you.
  • Film in a relatively quiet area so background noises won’t drown out your voice.

Lead Guide – Position Description

Are you ready for the lead role in a nightly aquatic spectacle? Embark on a thrilling journey where you craft and direct captivating tales under the stars, orchestrating memorable escapades and mentoring rising stars (our Assistant Guides).

As a Lead Guide, your performance script involves: 

🌟 Checking weather forecasts prior to tours and postponing as necessary.

🌟 Setting the stage by smoothly transitioning kayaks from their backstage (the trailer) to the spotlight (the water’s edge).

🌟 Greeting our enthusiastic audience and setting their expectations for a great tour. 

🌟 Unveiling a tantalising glimpse of the night’s plot by sharing the itinerary. 

🌟 Delivering an entertaining safety briefing before each tour, infusing both wit and wisdom.

🌟 Seamlessly managing the props (kayaks and equipment) to ensure a flawless act every night.

🌟 Familiarising yourself with the ecology, wildlife and history of the area so you can share captivating insights with the audience. 

🌟 Choreographing each tour by syncing with water currents and weather patterns, ensuring every twist and turn is safe. 

🌟 Continually refining the show’s plot, driven by the quest to create standing ovations (and 5-star reviews). 

🌟 Upholding the drama-free legacy with a meticulous eye on safety, ensuring zero critical safety incidents. 

🌟 Orchestrating protocols for unforeseen twists in the plot, making sure every audience member is safe.

🌟 Playing the gracious host, enlightening guests about other local spectacles worth their attendance.

To “wow” our guests, you should be equipped with: 

🎤 A knack for weaving tales that captivate from start to finish. 

🎤 A magnetic personality, radiating warmth and humour. 

🎤 The stamina of a seasoned performer, able to kayak for extended periods. 

🎤 A maestro’s precision in time management coupled with the adaptability of an improv artist. 

🎤 A commitment to working evenings and weekends, ensuring every performance is a blockbuster.

Before you command the stage, you’ll need these credentials: 

🌊 Paddle NSW Enclosed Sea Guide 

🚤 Coxswain Grade 3 

🥇 First aid certificate 

🚸 Working with children check

To support your transition to stardom, Showtime Kayaking will graciously cover the costs of your training, nurturing your potential to shine the brightest on our night-time kayak tours.

Assistant Guide – Position Description

If you possess the humility of a back-stage worker, and have an itch for the great outdoors, then maybe it’s time you grab a paddle. We’re seeking supporting actors to share the watery stage with our Lead Guides during captivating night-time kayak tours.

As an Assistant Guide, your scene list includes:

🌟 Fetching kayaks from backstage (the trailer) and setting the stage at the water’s edge. 

🌟 Launching the kayaks and escorting our guests onto their floating seats (i.e. kayaks).

🌟 Being the vibrant welcoming committee as guests arrive for their nightly performance. 

🌟 Maintaining all necessary props (kayaks and equipment) for each spectacle. 

🌟 Enchanting and educating curious audience members with interesting insights on the ecology, wildlife and history of the area.

🌟 Mastering the choreography of water currents and weather patterns to guarantee the safety of our guests.

🌟 Playing a pivotal role in our drama-free, safety-first mission, ensuring zero critical safety incidents.

🌟 Perfecting the choreography for emergency situations, prioritising audience safety with finesse and expertise.

Audition Requirements: 

🎤 Stellar communication, ready to engage any audience. 

🎤 A captivating personality with a good sense of humour. 

🎤 Securing the Enclosed Water Certificate of Competency from Paddle Australia. 

🎤 A Senior First Aid Certificate is a must-have backstage pass.

🎤 Working with children check

🎤 Stamina to glide on the water’s surface for extended periods. 

🎤 Flexibility to work evenings and weekends.

To support your transition to stardom, Showtime Kayaking will graciously cover the costs of your training, nurturing your potential to shine the brightest on our night-time kayak tours.