Love Your Tour Guarantee

Let us turn your frown upside down with our Love Your Tour (100% Money-back) Guarantee. Most guests are enthralled by our tours and if you’re less than ecstatic, we’ll refund your ticket price. (And we won’t even splash you back for doing so).

Why We Provide This Guarantee

You having a great time on our tours is the reason we exist. Our guides delight in bringing joy and adventure into your life. If we’ve fallen short of your expectations, we’re truly sorry.

Before submitting a refund request below, we ask that you’d be awesome enough to consider a few things.

Regrettably, we can’t direct marine life. If Nemo didn’t make a cameo during your tour, we don’t see it as grounds for a refund. Fair enough right, because we can’t train Nemo like a dog?

Likewise, we can’t choreograph the weather. If clouds were covering the starry backdrop, or you were cold … it’s obviously beyond our control.

We’re also not able to help it if another guest negatively impacts your tour by acting like a fool … unless of course you mentioned it to your tour guides and they failed to intervene. In that case, please do request a refund.

If your refund request isn’t due to any of the above, then please complete the short form below and we’ll process your request within a week.

NB. Your refund will be provided via the method you used when booking your ticket.